Custom Connection (LAN broadcast disabled)

I’m using BOLT and I have created a connection with cube characters from the first tutorial and it’s connecting from SessionListUpdated to server. Although the log displays LAN broadcast disabled, the game connects successfully. When I tried to connect manually with the Connect Method after StartClient with UdpSession from BoltNetwork.SessionList, the log shows again LAN broadcast disabled but the game doesn’t connect. I want to be a bee to connect to the server manually with a custom access token and some other properties.
How can I do that?

Thank you for your time


  • Bolt always logs " LAN broadcast disabled".

    I'm not following what you're doing different that makes it connect or not connect
  • We were able to connect only when we don't provide a custom token on the connect method and when the NAT option was unchecked. But we need to pass custom token class with credentials to the server side for validation. Also try to switch Accept Mode to manual but that not helps.

    Thank you.
  • You can check out the samples, there shouldn't be any issue with using tokens or NAT punch.

    Here is a project with one of the samples set up already you can test.
  • Thank you, I found problem. Now I have to Register Token class on server side and client side. So I have add PhotonRoomProperties, ConnectProperties in BoltStartBegin. But when server ConnectRequest method is called I had receive token, but properties is null.

    Thank you.
  • So I had found why I got null. When I try to work with operator AS all values is null. But when I explicit token with my class I got my values.

    Thank you.
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