About Photon Bolt folder location on a Unity project


We refactored our directory structure of our project for a better seperation of Client and Server side codes and assets. And we created a Shared folder on git as a submodule for shared scripts and assets between client and server. Only thing is we wanted to move Assets/bolt folder to Assets/Shared/ThirdParties/bolt, but then it does not work. Any setting that we can update about the path of Bolt on the project? Thanks. (It seems like project.bytes and bolt/assemblies/bolt.dll should be directly inside the Assets/bolt folder to be able to compile the states, events etc.)


  • Hello,

    What Bolt version are you using?
  • On the latest version of Bolt (v1.2.7) we've updated the SDK to work with relative paths, so you should be able to move the Assets/bolt folder to any other location and still get it working.

    Just follow the next steps:
    1. Update Bolt normally or create a fresh project and import Bolt.
    2. Install the Core package, by running the Wizard window or directly at Assets/bolt/packages/bolt_install
    3. Move the bolt folder to other location
    4. Restart the Unity Editor, this will make sure that the relative paths are the correct ones.
    5. Use Bolt as usual.

    If you encounter any issues, just ask.
  • Oh okay i see, thanks. I will try to resolve how we can upgrade to newer version. Once upon a time we have redeemed a voucher key to use bolt and later time it seemed Bolt paid version (the one we redeemed) was deprecated on Asset store and we did not update to newer version. We are using Thank you.
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