How to send messages between master server and game server

Hi,I'm using photon loadbalancing to build my own server, and is works very nice so far, bu i'facing a problem now. i want to send events between my master server and my game server, but i only found that my master server can use IncomingGameserverPeer class to receive event from game server, and games server can use outgoingMasterServerPeer to send events to master server, but i wonder how can master server send events to game server and how can game server receive events from master server ?


  • is there any good solution for this problem? really need help plz
  • Hi @meeeen,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    I have redirected your question to Photon Server category. It was posted in PUN one.

    My colleague @chvetsov will try to help you here once he's available.
  • BesoCBesoC ✭✭
    Hi @meeeen . Consider using OutboundS2SPeer and InboundS2SPeer classes
  • @meeeen peers are working in both directions

    So, you may use IncomingGameServerPeer for sending messages to GS and MasterServerPeer to handle them on GS

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