How to estimate ReverseStreamDelayMs in WebRtcAudioDsp of Photon Voice 2?


I am trying DemoVoice scene of Photon Voice 2 and found that there is ReverseStreamDelayMs in WebRtcAudioDsp script. I believe the configuration is for echo cancellation but what does ReverseStreamDelayMs mean and how do I estimate the value for my device?

Thank you.


  • vadimvadim ✭✭✭

    Why you need this parameter? Echo cancellation should adjust this delay automatically.
    Or something does not work for you?
  • Hi,

    I got many echoes when testing DemoVoice on my device(Vive Focus). My configurations are
    Microphone = Unity
    Reliable Transmission = FALSE
    DebugEcho = TRUE
    AECMobile = TRUE
    Noise Suppression = TRUE
    AGC = TRUE
    VAD = TRUE

    I also dumped the value of ReverseStreamDelayMs when the echoes happened but the value did not adjust automatically.
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