About ownership on Server?

would it be still an insecure feature that client created network object owner membership can be transferred to Server only? We desperately need it :)

In our case, for some reasons (we want physic calculations to be on client) we create network object on client and set Transform state of the object, but we also want to set some different states from server as well.

As long as server is not the owner, it can not manipulate objects state.
I know it is not full authoritative game, otherwise this won't be problem.

Is there any way to handle it?

(As long as we use MVC, our network object is a different service class. So Model of our MVC composes this NetworkService. Our solution is to create 2 network object services. 1st is the client owner, 2nd is the server owner. Then it works. but well, unnecessary overhead of gameobjects occurs. Any better way to handle it?)

Box View
Box Controller
Box Model -------composes------- NetworkService (client owner)
|--------------composes ------ NetworkService (server owner)


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