How do you use OperationResponse in OnWebRpcResponse?


I'm following along the MemoyGame example and the handling for WebRpc parses the `response.Paramaters` as a `Dictionary`. In PUN, the `Parameters` are a `Dictionary` - how is the `byte` used for keys? I am not sure what data this `byte` is supposed to represent. Could you share an example of how to use this so I can check if the call was something specific, for example "GetGameList`?

Thanks in advance!


  • JohnTubeJohnTube mod
    edited February 12
    Hi @creatingames,

    There is a helper class WebRpcResponse that does this for you.
    API Reference.

    void OnWebRpcResponse(OperationResponse response) 
        WebRpcResponse wrr = new WebRpcResponse(response);
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