Child Status of gameobject is only visible by local client

Hello, so I used photonnetwork.instantiate one of my prefabs and then I turn it into a child. This code works but only for the local client even when I have photon view attached to my prefabs and animation+transform view.

Any suggestions because I'm pretty lost with this one

Snips of my code + setups. Most of the Photon Views in the scripts are set to be public rather than private


  • Did you add this code on your gameObject?

    void IPunInstantiateMagicCallback.OnPhotonInstantiate(PhotonMessageInfo info)
    info.Sender.TagObject = this.gameObject;
  • I did. It doesnt change anything. thanks for the suggestion though
  • problem was with me not syncing the bones as I was using OnAnimatorIK function.
    thought that transform view would sync the bones as well
  • oop if anyone is reading this ive solved my issue
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