Combine Unity Networking and MMO

Hi guys,

Is there any way to use Unity3D's (Photons) friendly networking system as seen in the cloud with something like the MMO interest management?



  • If you develop such a friendly system for the MMO one then yes.

    But even if there were such a thing, I don't see it of much use. You must not forget that 99.99% of all code you write for an MMO will be server code, not client code and PUN is client only.
    The client side for MMO is not much more complex than the one for the regular photon sdk or pun, its the server side thats very complex and that requires proper planing and executing to achieve a real game (the mmo layer is only networking, no game logic, just in case thats unknown at the time)
  • That's not what I meant - what I meant is to combine the easy to use setup of synced objects and scripts etc in unity networking with the interest management of the MMO demo. For example, all one of my level designers needs to do right now to syncronize a object is to put a Photon Network View on it. This is what I'd love to do with the MMO demo. Is this possible?
  • Thats not possible, the backends are not related to each other at all, nor is the code compatible.

    Creating such a thing means completely write it yourself, likely with a 'pun alike' frontend API in Unity to interact with the MMO backend.
    Its not rocket sience though at least not if the only interest is to give your designers a photonview alike thing.
    The real work will be writing the backend that makes it all just magically work as the MMO layer works fundamentally different, the assumption on connected peers (1 peer = 1 client = 1 player and owner, not 50 or 100 AI or alike) etc differ fundamentally. Also the stuff you design in unity or the client side wouldn't apply to the server at all if thats the idea.
    Generally you will need to write tools for your designers if you want to work with the MMO layer I guess, that makes most sense for them and for you, cause you need to export the data in a server usable form, as MMO = hosted in photon not MMO = hosted in 1000 small rooms hosted by unity clients like PUN / cloud / load balancing

    Also were are on the wrong board here if your interest is the MMO layer not PUN.
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