Errors in Photon Bolt Sample Pack - PhotonSample.cs

Just bought the Sample Pack from Unity Asset Store.
I looked at the PhotonSample.cs script and removed "#if false" from the very top and "#endif" from the very bottom, and I get multiple errors. I'm not sure if I've done something wrong or if these are errors with the code itself.

"The type or namespace 'Hashtable' does not exist in namespace 'ExitGames.Client.Photon'"

"'PhotonPoller.ZeusConnected(UpEndPoint)': no suitable methods found to override"

"Cannot convert from 'UdpKit.UpdEndPoint' to 'UdpKit.UdpSession'"

I created a brand new project in Unity 2019.3.4f1 and imported the Sample Pack from the Asset Store. I've done nothing but remove the "#if false" and "#endif".


  • The Photon Sample was made in a much old version of Bolt, it may not be compatible with the current version. I will take a look and probably remove it. The "snippets" will eventually become full samples, but they're there for those interested in what I have in the meantime.
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