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Any date on when you will upgrade from VS2008 to VS2010? Once you upgrade, you won't want to go back.


  • We use VS2010 since a long time - and will switch the solutions to it as well.
    (Currently you need to let the VS2010 conversion wizard do the job.)
  • I would favor if it was not upgraded to 2010 but kept at 2008 till it goes to 2012.

    2010 does not add anything for me, I've not wasted any money on the 2010 Pro upgrade so far at all (I use VS2010 only for WP7 dev), as the only reasons to upgrade are still limited to the premium / ultimate licenses as MS refuses to learn from the gains the gave all Apple devs in XCode 4 (static code analysis etc), the only other stuff 2010 got has been present with resharper and other power addons long long before, at significantly lower costs than the $560 - $900 upgrade (depends on the country) one would have to pay for the VS2010 Pro upgrade.
    In consequence I don't intend to pay MS for VS prior 2012 Pro