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In our project, we want one player to host a game, let other users find & join the correct room from a list of all open rooms, and then have the host start the match / load the game scene once all players are ready.

We are relatively new to Photon Bolt, and it doesn't look like lobby creation was covered in either of the Bolt tutorials. If we missed it, feel free to simply leave a link as to where we can find it. Otherwise, what functions will we need to make this possible? (Bonus points for in-depth explanation.)

Thank you in advance.

Note* The Forest is shown to use Photon Bolt from the Bolt asset store page on Unity. Essentially, we want to replicate their multiplayer menus.


  • Check out BoltInit.cs and the two lobby samples included with Bolt. Under the "PhotonCloud" folder in samples you'll see "demo_simple" and "demo_lobby".
  • Great resource, thank you.
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