Some questions about Bolt and PUN


I have some important questions about Photon Bolt and PUN, also about CCU.

- Firstly, I will describe a multiplayer in a game we develop. The game will be 80% singleplayer and 20% multiplayer, actually, the whole multiplayer setup is very similar to Dark Souls kind of games. Imagine 1000 player playing the game simultaneously, but only 50 of them activated a special item which allows them to duel with each other (from this 50 players groud). Let's say, every 1 minute the system(matchmaking system probably, I guess) assign two players to begin a duel from this 50 players of course. Other 950 players playing the game in single player, until they found and activate this special item. So, in my case, there is 50 CCU or 1000 CCU? It is great, if I will be able to stay at 50 CCU, so 950 other players will play with any Photon networking turned off until activation of a special item.

- About PUN and Bold differences. There is some of the contradictory information around forums and blogs. One says that Bold is P2P only, others say that PUN is P2P. I want to create a master server multiplayer but not p2p, and of course, these 1vs1 duels will be in real-time, just like Dark Souls invasions. In the worst scenario, I will probably make duels 1vs1 without any other NPC or mobs, so it will be really cheap in terms of the number of synchronized items. So witch Photon product should I choose for this kind of game?

There are the two main questions for now.
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