What does "Nameserver peer error" mean?

I'm trying to connect to the service using my AppId in an SDK, but I'm getting the error message ""Nameserver peer error"" with the error code 3001.

Why? What does this mean? There's no index of error codes anywhere on this site.

Thanks in advance.


  • JohnTube
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    Hi @quackgyver,

    So you are using Photon Chat from the JavaScript/TypeScript SDK.
    I will move this discussion to the JavaScript category and invite my colleague @vadim to answer.

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  • Error occurs while client connects or working with name server.
    Please run demo-loadbalancing or demo-chat-api (depending on product of appID you use) from SDK package with appid set and send us client log from the very beginning till error you mentioned logged.
  • @JohnTube Thank you for the assistance.

    @vadim I'm using the Construct 2 plugin, so I can't really run anything that comes with the standard SDKs.

    What I'd like to know is what this specific error code (3001) means?
  • Then run what comes with counstruct2 sdk. I can't say more without logs.
  • @vadim There's nothing to run. There is no console for the plugin - and if there is, then there seems to be no documentation explaining how to access it.

    I'm outputting the error message and error code that I get via the plugin, so can you just explain what error code 3001 means?

    Thanks in advance.
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  • 3001 is general nameserver error. It does not have any specific meaning.
    Construct2 SDK package contains 3 demos: demo-test, demo-pool and demo-fish.