Best way to implement a remote player's tyres on a car

We're making an isometric view racing game. So the player's tyres are pretty easy to see, and if they are rolling or not.
What is the most efficient way to send remote player's tyres? Should I just send the rotation of each tyre? Or is there a better way to handle this?


  • I think the solution is very dependent on your game.
    I'm not sure if it makes sense to send data for each tire at all. If you know how fast the car is and where, the rotation of tires could be deduced from that.
    Is there anything that speaks against this?
  • Yes I was thinking my method is not the best.
    I'm looking into attaching my wheel render script to the remote player cars, so perhaps all I pass in is the speed, then will render locally based on that.
  • Networking wise it's indeed most efficient if you calculate the rotation on every client. This can also help smooth the visuals.
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