PUN v1.8 available

TobiasTobias admin
The new version is now in the asset store. We hopefully fixed all the issues you reported and even squeezed in a minor addition: Statistics for your players. On the master of the cloud, you get stats update events which are now put into fitting fields to display.

v1.8 (25.01.2012)
Added: changelog tp PUN package
Fixed: a bug that occured when calling a PhotonNetwork.Instantiate in the same frame after calling a PhotonNetwork.Destroy.
Changed: InitializeSecurity made obselete. requestSecurity is now true per default, this will encrypt authenticate(the APPID etc.) All normal messages (RPC etc) are NOT encrypted ATM.
Removed: instances of GAME to ROOM inside PhotonNetwork.(Please mind isNonMasterClientInGame' -> 'isNonMasterClientInRoom')
Added: new statistic: PN.countOfPlayersInRooms
Changed: OnPhotonPlayerDisconnected is now called AFTER possible MasterClient switch
Changed: OnPhotonPlayerDisconnected is now called AFTER the playerList (and playercount) has been updated: The player is first removed from the playerlist.
Changed: OnPhotonRandomJoinFailed is now properly called after RandomJoin failed because an empty room was accidently joined. Previously OnPhotonJoinRoomFailed would be called instead.
Changed: PhotonNetwork won't generate a player name. Instead the Worker Demo does this when no name was applied yet. (player names are synced automatically when set)

The related demos are also updated:
Angry Bots Coop Multiplayer: http://u3d.as/content/exit-games/photon ... s-demo/2i9
Viking Demo Multiplayer: http://u3d.as/content/exit-games/photon-viking-demo/2gg


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