Matchmaking and Lobby joining in html client?

I am trying to figure out how I would go about allowing players to join a lobby in an html client, and then pass that lobby information into the game - at which point the players would all join the same lobby and the game would start.

After I get joining lobbies, I need to be able to call the matchmaking API from the html/js client as well - find a match and then get the lobby info so I can sent it to the game.

Is this possible (joining lobbies and matchmaking in hrml/js)?


  • Oh and I have already enabled integration with PlayFab.
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    Hi @RacerDelux,

    We have a JavaScript SDK.
    However, you should consider this if you will mix PUN and non-PUN clients.
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    This looks to be exactly what i need. Also thanks for the heads up on app version.

    Might I suggest a future addition to bring your JS SDK into Nodejs?

    In addition to it being on Node, if it was programmed in TypeScript you could introduce the custom types you use in PUN so that the Node implementation knows about them.
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    The JS SDK has TypeScript support already AFAIK and can be used from node.js, check the forum if you have difficulties with integrating it in node.js.
    Adding PUN's custom types is not really something we would do as we will also have to add it to all the other SDKs and PUN's custom types do not make sense outside of PUN or outside of Unity.
  • Sounds good, I will have to dive into it later today.
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    @JohnTube I wanted to make sure, I took a quick look at the SDKs, it shows "Realtime" as supported for the JS SDK, but not PUN. Will this be an issue if I am trying to talk to PUN?

    Edit: I was confused about PUN, but it looks like it is just the "realtime" sdk wrapped in Unity.
  • Also...
    The TypeScript documentation link is invalid on your website.
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    Thank you for reporting the broken link, will fix that ASAP.
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