How can I create multiple rooms and make clients randomly join automatically ?

I want to create 6v6 fps game.
I have used the headless server that bolt sample provide to me
Below are the problems that I encounter currently.

1.I don`t know how I can make server auto create multiple rooms for different fight
such as room1 for 6v6 , room2 for another 6v6

2.I have no idea how I can make clients connect to server and randomly join empty rooms automatically.
For example, There is button called (battle). I click the button and randomly have joined one of rooms automatically,
however the game is not starting and there is sentence like (3/12) and (loading).
When the sentence becomes (12/12), I enter the game and play.

I have searched many results for two questions, but I still find great solution.
I hope I can get the best suggestion or method to finish two questions.
Thank for your time.

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  • @stanchion
    1.Yes, Just like (OverWatch).
    When you match your game, I think there are some clients playing game and some matching the game.
    I want to make (dedicated server) instead of P2P solution like (overwatch) or (cs go).
    No client becomes server and server is server.
    people join the room, divided into two team and achieve the goal ( such as get flag)
    This is why I download your (headless server) to make only one server to handle rooms created
    and make clients join.
    If I don`t pre create rooms, how I can do it like OverWatch.

    2.lobby sample is the Bolt-Sample/Photon Cloud/ demo_lobby ?

    Than for your time and help.
    I am so eager to get your answer.
  • @Standaniernew
    1.I have done this headless server on your document,
    however, I find that the headless server seems like just for one room to start game.
    I want to do like OverWatch or PUBG.
    Dedicated server become multiple rooms server
    For example,
    (1)battle royale system that if there are more 200 people want to fight each other
    and one room just limit 50 people to join.

    (2)there are more 24 people people want to fight each other
    and one room just 6v6(team fight)

    2.I will look a example and make randomly join automatically. Thanks!

    I am so excited about hearing your answer.
    Thank you for helping me solve difficult question step by step.
  • You need a hosting system like Gamelift or that can spin up more servers as needed.
  • evilityevility
    edited January 17
    (My understand 1):-------------------
    Your answer seems like I need to deploy many photon bolt headless server on Gamelift and each one headless server handle one room game.

    If it is correct answer, it will reveal advanced question. If there is 60 people on the game(not fight),
    Should I precreate 5 (6v6 ) rooms for waiting clients to join?
    More people on the game(not fight), More rooms I need to precreate.

    Any suggestion or Tutorial make it happened?

    (My understand 2):
    Make Gamelift and photon bolt headless server work together to make it happened.
    If it is correct, I have no idea how to do.

    Any suggestion or Tutorial make it happened?

    The more question solved, the more knowledge I get to make network perfect.
    Thank for your help.

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