Using the same AppVersion for minor updates to avoid segmenting players

Photon will segment players based on AppVersion, but if we are publishing a minor update that is compatible with our previous build, is it OK to keep the AppVersion the same so that players aren't segmented? In other words, can developers decide when it's necessary to segment players with a new AppVersion and when the update is minor enough to play with the previous build(s)? Thanks.


  • You can keep the AppVersion across multiple versions, if the compatibility is given, yes.

    The AppVersion is a combination of a value you set (Game Version) and PUN's version number. The latter helps avoid compatibility issues when you updated PUN. We might change internal network messages (e.g. how RPCs are defined on the network), so this is necessary.
    If you tested that a newer PUN version is compatible with an older one you're using, then you could even change the VersionPun string to the older build's value. Take a not in-code that you did, to clarify this rare case.
  • Thanks Tobias!
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