Can't see Other's "Avatar" Animation in a Room

Hello, I am a Noob in unity and a super-noob in Pun2. Following some tutorial I got players joining a room and a "Multiplayer Scene". However tutorial was using some simple 3D objects as "Player Avatar" (such as Cubes). I used a 3D Character from Unity's free asset and in the Multiplayer scene I can see MY avatar animations (walk forward, walk backwards) but other players (human players) just "slide" when moving. They don't move legs ...

I am using a separate script for player control and some BOOL to trigger animations (isWakingForward, isWalkingBackwards). What do you suggest me to do to see other players with animations? Why animations does not ... show through PUN? Do I have to set Animator's BOOL through PUN RPC? (Just guessing!) How?

Thanks for your help!
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