We have such no Photonview!

Hi guys, I have a countdown in my game to start the match, the thing here is that I used OnPhotonSerializeView so I can sync the countdown to all the players.
And works fine, the master client sends the values to the other players, and Its supposed that when the countdown ends, all the players load the game scene and start playing.
Well, this is not happening, it works fine until the countdown goes to 1, all the players get stuck in the 1 and can't start the match, only the Master Client load the scene.
In the console shows the following warning:
We have such no Photonview!


  • Are your clients set to PhotonNetwork.AutomaticallySyncScene = true ? You only call the PhotonNetwork.LoadLevel on the MasterClient and all other clients will load the scene when the master does.
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