How to Make a Multiplayer Game in Unity - Photon 2 Plugin. Start Game - Info Gamer

Hey Everyone, I don't post here very much but I thought I might be helpful to noobs because I've been researching PUN again and I thought I'd post a tutorial series up done by this guy calling himself Info Gamer. I am in no way affiliated with him I just stumbled across his tutorials, he has been doing up to date tutorials I just thought I'd let people know about this guy because I think he deserves more views and attention than he's getting and people clearly want to just have some proper tutorials.

Maybe the PUN staff could even link these on their site because he's done a very good job.


  • Lethn
    edited December 2018
    I stand corrected on the tutorials front just saw documentation buried away and it all looks like it's up to date. I'll check this out as well, well done guys, be sure to look at these videos though if you're wanting to do specific stuff like FPS' and so on though.

    I admit I didn't even notice the little gameplay section.