Bolt Sample pack

Just notice there is a sample pack selling on Asset store for $20.

Would like to have more details.

1. Is it just some sample program or there is any reusable class in the pack?
2. Previously I think Bolt was not supporting voice chat. The pack mentioned it has a voice chat sample. Is there some code to show how to use voice chat with Bolt?
3. The pack also mentioned there is a sample included thousands of agents Is that a new feature or just an example of existing features?

Please provide more info.


  • 1) You can reuse anything in the pack in your game, complete source etc is included
    2) Yes it is in the pack
    3) A sample for hundreds of agents is in the pack. No, it isn't a new feature, everything in the pack you can do yourself without the pack but it gives examples and best practices.
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