Bolt, Bolt Free, Bolt Pro?

Today I was going to upgrade Bolt, but the unity asset store tells me that the package is deprecated. After searching the Asset Store I've found the new "Bolt Free" version, which I've downloaded and added to our project. So far so good, but now Bolt is telling me the the BoltNetwork.Connect() method is only available for Bolt Pro users, but I don't see that version anywhere on the asset store?


  • Hi @silentneedle,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    I want to add this documentation page link also.
  • So the old Bolt Version is now Bolt Pro? What's the price for Bolt Pro and is there an discount for customers which bought the "old" Bolt? Is hosting through zeuz required or can we use our own provider?
  • “Old Bolt” is not the same as Bolt Pro, as the latter has many new features. If you’re interested in Bolt Pro email us information about your studio, what you’re doing with Bolt, etc. Zeuz is an optional feature of Bolt Pro.
  • Where to get the pro and what's the pricing? I would like to know more about the P2P connection
  • @Gil . If you’re interested in Bolt Pro email us information about your studio, what you’re doing with Bolt, etc.

    "P2P connection" is part included with Bolt Free, you don't need Bolt Pro unless there's another part of it you need.
  • So Bolt Pro is only for studios, or also small teams?
  • bump
  • I would recommend Bolt Free for hobbyists and indie developers.
  • No I mean if there is any business entity requirement to be accepted for the bolt pro license. We're currently using bolt legacy and built our own scaling solution, so the new Bolt/Bolt Free wouldn't be an option for us.
  • I would email us with details and we can see what makes sense.
  • im also also a early customer of bolt.. a few years ago ive got the upgrade from exitgames to photon. i didnt really used it the last few years but now i wanted to start over again just to see that the asset is not longer available with the functions i have paid for. some of the main reasons i purchased that asset many years ago was the possibility for direct connect and the free 100 ccu lifetime that where offered.. is there any kind of coupon like the one we got 2015?
  • Email us in regard to the 100 CCU coupon.
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