Newbie here - Having trouble to decide which product to choose


I'm trying to create a Diablo-like action dungeon crawler, and I'm having trouble deciding which product to choose.

I'll need rooms of course, but PUN is not good enough because I want events that will be driven from the Server, so state sync between clients is not enough for me.

Also, I'll probably have logic I need to implement on the server because I'm planning on having some story events and other triggers.

Bolt seems very powerful, but perhaps a bit too much for me?

Putting those aside, I'm also looking for a way to manage my server.
I understand that I can use the photon cloud, but I'll have a lot of custom code - and I couldn't figure out if that's an option or not. The self-hosted server is fine, but I don't want the hassle of managing my own servers.
Can I upload my custom server to Photon cloud somehow? Or do I need to use some other way to do so?
It's not very clear, I've searched the docs and I couldn't understand it completely...

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