RenderSettings Per client?

What's the best way to have individual renderSettings per client?

Seems like right now setting things like:
RenderSettings.fogEndDistance = UnderwaterFogDistance;
RenderSettings.fogDensity = UnderwaterFogDensity;
RenderSettings.fogColor = UnderWaterFogColor;

The effects are seen by all players instead of just the player that triggered the change.
Is there a way to isolate the change so it only happens for a single player?


  • This seems like a question for the Unity board, as PUN doesn't sync these values for you.
    My guess is that these are "per-machine-settings" and saved in the player prefs. Try to change these settings on different PCs.
  • Sounds more like you used an example you got from somewhere for Unity Networking that you upgraded to PUN which does this to ensure that all play with the same fairness basically (so stronger machines don't get more view range, would be devastating in a shooter)