upgrade issues with pun2

Hello there,
we recently upgraded our running project to pun2 and ran into some issues.
Basically we boiled the issue down to this:
If i create a new project and run the demo, for example the asteroids demo everything works fine. I can create and join rooms and play the demo. (here i use the app-id of my main project)
If i switch over to my main project that i ported to pun2 and run the same demos i am not able to find any rooms anymore. Basically everything is the same as far as i can see. All settings in the photonServerSettings are identical. I even used the same app-id to make sure it still works.
And since it's running the unchanged demo i'd expect the same behaviour here.

Are there known issues related to porting to pun2? Are there some hidden settings that i missed? We already tried reimporting and deleting meta files but so far we can't get it to run.
We'd like to get around porting my whole setup to a "new project" just because of this.

Thanks for any advice or recommendations.


  • Hi @Captain_Pineapple,

    Thank you for choosing Photon!

    Go through our "Matchmaking Checklist", especially "AppVersion" and "Best Region Considerations".
    So make sure AppVersion is the same and try fixed region as maybe Unity Editor and builds are not connected to the same region.
  • Hey @JohnTube ,

    thank you ver much for your answer! I thought that gameversion and Region could be empty. I obviously was wrong...
    So connection works again but here we are with another issue if you happen to have an insight on this:
    Rpcs Client->Master work. The other way round i only receive an event, but not the actual rpc even though i called an RPC.
    At the same time the OnPhotonSerialize is called on clients but never reaches the master. (Or is not called there - I'm not sure if the receiving side would be called if there are no messages?)

    If it helps: For the given object we implement IPunObservable and IOnEventCallback. We derive from MonoBehaviourPunCallbacks.
    PhotonView exists on the object and the script is set to be observed.
    The statistic also counts average 10 outgoing messages per second. But on the master i only get rpcs inbound.

    If you need more detailed information on this, I'd be happy to provide them.
    Thanks in advance.
  • Never mind i was stupid and overlooked a line where i set the photonviews group...
    Problem solved and everything is working as intended. Thanks again for the help.
  • Hi @Captain_Pineapple,

    I'm glad you found it!
    Well done!
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