Importing Photon into existing project problem


I'm trying to import the Photon package from the asset store into my existing Unity project.
Everything gets imported fine, but no window pops up asking for settings, and there is no editor changes (i.e the Unity Photon Networking option under Window)

Yet if I create a brand new project, everything works correctly.

Why would the import work for a new project but no my existing project?



  • likely a compile error in the existing project that prevents the code from compiling at all thus the new code is not compiled either.

    For example being on iOS or Android and not owning the pro licenses would trigger that or targeting flash where networking is not present at all
  • Great that seemed to fix it.

    For some reason it messed up some of my references. I had to specify UnityEngine.Resources.Load in some places where it was just Resources.Load.
    So I take it there is a Resources class somewhere in the Photon namespace :D