Saving a many-to-many webcam stream server-side


I am making a many-to-many webcam app in Unity using the StreamSDK plugin.
I have a working prototype connecting to Photon Server.

The reason why I choose Photon Server instead of the Cloud solution is that I need to capture/save the multi-stream server side.
In my head I have two solutions on how to approach this, and I would like some pointers from the community if my thinking is on the right track.

Solution 1:
- Photon Server is capable of capturing the different streams, and combining them and saving them server-side. This would be programmed in a Plugin.

Solution 2:
- The master client in Unity captures the screen and audio, and sends it to the server, where it is stored as a video file. This is also done in a Plugin I think?

I prefer Solution 1, because 2 is more heavy on the client.
Any pointers and tips on how to approach this would be very appreciated!


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