a few questions about messages per second

legend411 ✭✭
1) Is the 300 limit being enforced yet?

2) Has anyone developed a Unity script yet that monitors the messages/second rate of the room?

3) What exactly constitutes a message? Is it 10/sec per PhotonView? What if I want to observe multiple scripts? If you use reliable synchronization, will it be less? Does the amount of variables I'm synchronizing in a PhotonStream increase the message rate?

It seems awfully low. I can't imagine playing a competitive multiplayer game with less than 8 players (and 8 in and of itself is pretty darn low), and 8 players only synchronizing movement, nothing else and no RPC's would be 640 messages per second, right? More than double the limit?


  • 2) You can do that with counters using an own Photon server installation very easily. But generally if you work with realtime syncronization its rather easy as you define the sendrate and that will be the rate at which the clients will send to the server which has to forward it to all others so basically you get something along the line of sendrate * players * (players-1)

    3) 1 view can only observe 1 script. And the message limit is per room, not per view, so its the sum of all views in the room.
    If you want to do an FPS and alike with 8+ players per room for example you would likely either have to host your own photon server or contact ExitGames to negotiate a special subscription or alternatively accept latencies in the 100ms range by reducing the sendrate to 10
  • We will implement a client side counter for this. The internal traffic statistics are turned off by default and not exposed in PUN yet but that will be done.
    If you encounter limits, we would like to know. We don't want to limit everyone but need to keep an eye on costs.