Photon chat UseriD


I'm trying to figure out how to set the name of the person instead of userid for photon chat.
When i write something in the chat box im getting the guid (userid) i have set on my server instead of a player name. Can't figure out where in the code (ChatGui) i need to switch that.
Anyone know?


  • Aenil
    edited November 2018
    Also, is it dangerous that everyone know the userid? Could they literally highjack people game and deliberatly send data to server?
  • After 10 hours... i got it. I was using same server php script to get userid and playername with both photon realtime and chat. Then once connected to master server of photon realtime i was trying to connect to photon chat using the photonnetwork.localplayer.nickname. But because photon chat use same custom auth and script it got back the userid from the server. Such trouble for a little problem ;p Now i made another php script to connect my photon chat independantly from realtime and instead of sending back userid i send back the nickname directly. They are unique name anyway so should work for the rest *cross toes* :p