Deciding this week which network solution our game will use! Please someone help deciding!

As of this moment we have a functional prototype running with Photon PUN. I'm really liking Photon PUN and how it runs and is easy to use with Unity.
At the moment we're still in the middle of deciding between 2 solutions:

  • - Photon
  • - Forge Remastered

The easy to use PUN is awesome but the price and limited messages per second worries us.
Forge Remastered is full control but quite a bit more coding and hands on.

Our multiplayer will feature max 32 players per room.
Our game is a realtime action adventure game with spells and with a max of 4 minions per player possible (summoning monsters which follow you and obviously need to get tracked).

I've seen countless messages about advising max 8 players per room and max 500 messages/s.
This seems on the low side for a bigger game?

Then I figured maybe Photon Server would be a better fit?
Would Photon server support LAN for our players, self hosted servers and Dedicated servers by us or the players?
Or which Photon solution would support this?

I'm just worried that we will go with Photon and after a while in development see that the features we want aren't possible or the cost would be astronomical.

Please enlighten us if our fears are correct or not!

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