One server only, one room only and not offline mode?

edited November 2018 in Photon Server
Hello, first of all i use a translator (google translation) so english will be very bad!

I would like to know if it is possible to have only one server, one room? I want to make an online game where everyone will be in the same server, for the tests I use the 20 slots free and then I will enlarge later.

I do not know if photon is planned for that? Or should we simply create a room and keep it always open? I really want to ban the creation of room (against hacks) and not be able to play the game offline.

Thank you for your help!

Ps: I'm a beginner I already had a lot of trouble finding the tutorial for PUN 2 for custom authentication. (Then it's a little easier for the creation of players etc, even if I still have trouble understanding where I have to program the server actions).

For example, a player opens a chest, everyone receives it, etc.
I think there is RPC similar to Unity for that? Well, I have not looked at it yet!
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