PUN 2 and Highroad Engine built in Support with Ready to use Demo.

Hi Everyone,

Some exiting news :)

After some extensive development in partnership with More Mountains, Highroad Engine is now supporting PUN 2 out of the box. You can test it right away using the ready to use local and multi player project shipped with Highroad Engine, and switch at will between local, uNet and pun 2 gameplays without even restarting the scene.


Give it a go, and if you have questions, let us know.

It's also a great opportunity to study how to move from uNet to PUN 2 in a complex framework, where you can see both solutions fully implemented for the exact same advanced result and gameplay.

Check out the Pun integration read me file at the root of the Highroad Engine folder to learn more about it.




  • Hello there!

    So I've been trying to make the PUN2 support of Highroad Engine work, but I have some issues. So I've downloaded PUN2 free version, made an account, connected it to the game using the App ID and setup the Photon settings as described in your tutorials.

    When using Mac Builds on one machine, the pun works perfectly. But when I build an Android .apk and try to run it, I get stuck after I click on "Matchmaking", it keeps on "connecting". I do not get any logs.
    I'm using the newest version of Highroad Engine and Unity 2018.3.

    I would appreciate some help how to debug this, or if this is any issue on Android. The phone is a Google Pixel.
  • olaowo
    edited July 2020
    is PUN2 Still getting supported here, cause i keep runnin into problems but no solutions
  • Hi,

    What errors are the problems you are getting into? Can you detail so that we can get an idea of what's going on?