PhotonNetwork.ConnectToMaster With Local Server/Computer Name


we are currently testing a local cloud scenario with a PUN Server in a local network. The clients which are all inside this network should connect to this server via the PhotonNetwork.ConnectToMaster command. At this time we do not know the IP address, but the name of the Server. The IP address are chaning from time to time (server restart/shutdown). Therefor we can not enter a static IP address/configurate it inside the .config files.

Do you have an idea, how we can use a Computer Name like "MyPunServer" to connect to the Server (including a correct setup for the .config files)?

Or if this is not possible, do you have a workaround?

Thank you.


  • hi, @AndreWe

    The only workaround I see is the usage of UDP protocol to broadcast server IP. it will work if your clients are inside of LAN

  • Hi,

    thank you. We allready created a tool for this and it is working nicely!

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