AuthenticationValues, SetAuthPostData and Custom headers


we need to send some custom headers within AuthenticationValues. The values of the headers are always different for the user. Due to that we cannot use the global CustomHttpHeaders which can be setup in the admin area/e.g. .config file.

Do you have an idea how we can do this?


  • hi, @AndreWe

    you can not set any HTTP headers for custom auth neither from dashboard nor from the client.
    What you can do is:
    1. Sent your parameters as PostData. (this is recommended way of doing things)
    2. Sent your parameters as Url string parameters (this one is not safest one)
    3. Json request (only in cloud). it will be posted as POST request to your server. Although I'm not sure whether this is already accessible for all

    But you may chose between first two options. here you may find good description:

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