Using enforceFIPSPolicy?

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Hi. I'm new to Photon and hoping someone here has some experience with my issue. The company I work for requires FIPS to be enabled on all computers, though documented exceptions for individual programs are allowed.

To do so, I've found that there is an enforceFIPSPolicy element that can be nested within the runtime element in the config file of whichever specific program I'm running that I can use to disable it. Determining which of the Photon config file I need to update is where my question lies.

I start the server using PhotonControl.exe, so my thought is to add it to the PhotonControl.exe.config file, however there is no runtime element within that file. Since the service is actually the PhotonSocketServer, I would guess it would go in a PhotonSocketServer.exe.config file, but this file does not exist. The closest match is PhotonServer.config.

Has anyone used this element, particularly with Photon? Did it work as expected, and which config file was it placed in?

Thanks in advance for your help.


  • Hi, @mrboyd

    I should admit, that I'm not really sure what is FIPS.
    Let me try to point you in the right direction.

    PhotonSocketServer.exe is a native application. that is why it does not have '.config. file. in PhotonServer.config there is clause but it just specifies what runtime to use with managed assemblies.

    And managed assemblies which are loaded by PhotonSocketServer.exe have .dll.config where you may find Runtime clause and updated it. Take a look at Photon.LoadBalancing.dll.config

  • Thank you, @chvetsov . I did find 2 copies of Photon.LoadBalancing.dll.config (one in Loadbalancing/Master, the other in Loadbalancing/GameServer), but inserting my element did not work. I will keep try some other configs until I (hopefully) find the one it works in.
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