Why do I (master client) get disconnected from the master server only when another player joins?

Hello there,

So we've noticed that, in our Unity app, the master client of a room gets kicked out of the master server with a ServerTimeOut error when a second player joins the room. This usually happens the very first time of the day we try this. After that, it's usually fine, the other players can join without the master client being disconnected. I've read the "Analyzing Disconnect" page and here's what I've tried so far:

-Calling PhotonHandler.StartFallbackSendAckThread() on Start in order to make sure ACK messages are being sent even when the app hangs.
-Setting PhotonNetwork.networkingPeer.SentCountAllowance to 24
-Setting PhotonNetwork.networkingPeer.QuickResendAttempts to 4

We do some work when a player joins which can slow down the app. But we have some other heavy duty function calls (not related to a player joining the room) that freeze the app for seconds and these calls do not result in a ServerTimeOut. Other than that, we can run a session for more than an hour with multiple people spread across the globe without any problem. Our disconnect problem seems to be tied to the second player joining on the first attempt to join a room.

We suspect Unity/PUN to cache some data after the first attempt cause prevent any disconnection later on...

We are using the LoadBalancingPeer application on our self-hosted server.
We are not using the LoadBalancingClient class. We connect to our server directly with PhotonNetwork.ConnectToMaster(). We are using PUN v1.92 (26. October 2018).

Any clue on what could explain that behavior?


  • Hi @ProtoBee,

    this is odd. Have you already checked if this happens on the Public Cloud, too? If not, I'm asking you to test this, too, and see if you see the same issue there.

    If you have the chance to create a repro case and share it with us, we can take a directly look at it.

    Furthermore I'm asking you, to attach the SupportLogger to any script in the scene. After the client gets disconnected, you can take a look at the log file and see if you mention anything unusual. If not, you can also share the log file with us.
  • @ProtoBee I'm having the same issue. Did you ever solve this?
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