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Hello everyone, I'm sorry I will use a translator.
I'm interested in photon and I see too many things against it.
I can not search correctly if something is possible or not.

I would like to know if it is possible to do an authentication with photon? (pseudo + password), I would like to have only registered people who can this connected.

Then I would like to know if photon works as unity and accepts all the connections or can we ban an IP for example and that the connection is refused? (On Unity, we can kick it after it's connected, giving it access to all the information currently on the server and what I do not want).

Finally, do you have updated tutorials? Because the official documentation is not up to date. For example for this connected it says to put the version, off the PUN that I download takes no argument when connecting. I'm completely lost !

I really want to make an effort, but there I enter everything that I see what I try and what happens, only ready examples are functional.

But the problem is that I can not understand everything in the examples ... I'm looking for a real tutorial updated to better understand.

Edit: I just started at 0 and I just saw that I have "PUN 2", looking more closely at the video I see "PUN", so I look for PUN 2 and I'm falling on the right documentation and on recent tutorials.

By cons I still do not understand the server. Photon provided something but I did not understand what it was, I understood that it was servers? But how does it work, how can we act at the server (as for example to create anti cheat, checks etc.?).

And authentication also I have a hard time understanding, I see that it returns JSON, but I did not understand if it was up to us to do (and if there would be PHP scirpts to download? ).

Already I understand that there are two versions of PUN is already good, it had been a week that I did not understand what happened :/


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