Errors in Demo projects Unity 2018..2.13


I would like to try using PUN. I downloaded and imported the PUN 2 asset from the store and it has created a lot of errors.

Does anyone know which files need fixing so I dont have to debug this.


  • Hi @aholla,

    the error messages state, that the used base class can not be found. This base class is called MonoBehaviourPunCallbacks and is part of the PunClasses.cs file. Please check, if this file is in the project.

    Have you already tried to re-import the entire package again? Did you import the package into an existing or an empty Unity project?
  • HI, thanks fo trying to help.

    I have tried reimporting a few times. Currently I have it working by removing all of the demos.

    Its not a new project but the project is very basic.

  • Could it be the demos of for PUN v1 but they are bundled with PUN v2?
  • PUN 2 has different demos compared to PUN Classic and both are not compatible with each other until certain modifications are made. If you still have content from PUN Classic in the project, please remove it before you import PUN 2. Please also check the content of the /Assets/Plugins/ folder. PUN Classic used this folder for storing its libraries. If you want to use PUN 2, you have to remove the old libraries, too.

    Besides that: importing PUN 2 into a fresh Unity project should work without any problems. When importing, please don't uncheck any of the files.
  • Ah figured it out. I have a class called "Player" too. This was conflicting with the demos use of the Runtime "Player" class.
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