How to update a gameobject and all its children on network?

I'm making a bubble shooter game. So far, I have achieved that both the player are instantiated rightly with a single problem -- the bubble which were supposed to be instantiated only on one client, are instantiated on both. Secondly, the new balls that are created, need to be in relevant Player's hierarchy, but I have seen they don't go to it ( they remain parent free). So I want to ask two things... 1) how to make balls to be instantiated only in its own view 2) how to make newly created balls to be a child of its Player. Thanks in advance


  • 1) Do some checks in your rpc Instantiate() , like if !photonView.isMine then return
    2) You can set the parent in your Instantiate method
  • 1) Even then it is instantiating of other client.
    2) Please guide how do I do that
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