Need help with persistence for photon


So at the moment me and my team are still going around and looking for a good solution for the development of our game which is currently based on an existing MMOFPS called darkfall but as the population is dying we are trying to make our very own version but with the communities help of what they really want, as the game its self is a brilliant game it is just very poorly managed by the developers and liaison.

Are biggest problem is starting up are server side code and backend for the game, there are two of us working on the coding side of the game.

Me: A computer games programming student currently on my 3rd year of my degree
Sanctus: A software engineer with 5 years experience within systems.

So we are thinking of using photon as this will give us great control over the server and server logic.

What we currently have:

A dedicated server for testing.
Modelling team
R&D team

Now for the problem on my mind which is persistence of data as I have never made a multiplayer game this comes as a big hurdle, does anybody have a suggestions of what we should use for are database for example mysql and what will work in async because if I am correct we want all the database to work async so that it does not interrupt the server.

Thank you for your help in advance.


  • As you will be using Microsoft Servers anyway (as photon only runs on windows), you could make use of MSSQL, but naturally MySQL or PostgreSQL are options too
  • Look out for Database Abstraction Layers. They might cost a bit of performance but make working with data much easier. You can use any that's working in C#. MySQL is a good start for most projects. Maybe even SQLite. Neither will be the best option once you reach multiple thousand users but are ok to start with.
  • You can use a form to post to a page that will do a db submit for you on the server. Just make sure that if you are hosting the game elsewhere that you have a crossdomain.xml in the root of the target domain.

    You can then stuff any collected playerPref data to a set variables/array as a payload then submit. Check out: ... e/WWW.html ... WForm.html
  • Thank you for the help guys I will have a look at all the things you guys have suggested.

    Thank you again.