Multiple packet loss

Good day!

In our application there are a lot of disconnections of players and within 2 to 4 seconds messages may not come at all. We tested on various types of network connections (TCP and UDP), at various points of Wi-fi and used different regions (RU, EU, US) the result is absolutely the same. It repeats when there are more than 2 players in a room.

What can be done with this problem?


  • Hi @PromoB,

    you can check the Analyzing Disconnects documentation page and see if you get some insights there.

    Have you already tried using alternative ports? You can 'activate' them by using PhotonNetwork.UseAlternativeUdpPorts = true; before connecting to Photon. Note: those are only working for UDP connections.

    Besides that: are there any error messages logged to the console when the client gets disconnected.

    Is this about PUN Classic or PUN 2?
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