Hello sir/maam. Plss help me. Why i need to reopen my game to connect in photon server.

Even i i check the auto joined lobby. I cannot reconnect to the photon room after my game end and go back to the main menu


  • Hi, @Paulll

    Please write what client library are you using

  • Hello sir. I fixed that issue. Ths is the new issue
    I have 2 player game like clash royale. Somtimes player 1 cant see the player 2. But player2 can see bot. If i will look at it in editor there is only one player in the player list. But some times they can meet each other and i got 2 player in the list. Plss help me. I am using photon playfab and unity.

    I am using unity and c#
  • @Paulll I've redirected you to the corresponding forum section, but be patient. We do not offer real-time support.

    Please provide as more details as you can, so that it will be clear what kind of issue you have

  • Ok sir thank you ao much.