Disable RPC receiving on specific Photon View

Hi all.
In my game, player goes to uncontrolled fly in ragdoll like fashion, controlled by physics, after the death.
I am disabling photon view synchronization, because I don't need this body to be exactly the same on all clients in this sequence.
But sometimes this body hits different things on the scene and RPC on this body is being called, so it breaks the free float.
Is there any way to disable RPC receiving for this specific object?
Thank you.


  • Hi @luvjungle,

    instead of disabling receiving RPCs you should stop sending those calls since they don't seem to be relevant for the other clients. If the local client however relies on them, you can try to call the [PunRPC] marked function directly.

    if (isDead)
  • Hi @Christian_Simon
    Thanks, apparently i ended up with this solution myself =)
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