How to Save PhotonVoice Recorder Settings

I'm having trouble saving my enable component settings for Photon Voice Recorder per player.
I'm trying to have a mute feature to mute certain players when they pause my game. It works for the most part however, once the photon player dies in my game their settings get reset upon death and when they're instantiated again their photon voice recorder component is enabled all over again. What's the fix to save?

My code if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0)) { if (EventSystem.current.IsPointerOverGameObject()) { teamTmp[i].SetCustomProperties(setPlayerData); Debug.Log("Muted Player " + teamTmp[i].ToString()); teamTmp[i].customProperties["Mute"] = true; GameObject.Find(teamTmp[i].name).GetComponent<PlayerNetwork>().rec.enabled = false; if(GameObject.Find(teamTmp[i].name).GetComponent<PlayerNetwork>().rec.enabled == false) { Debug.Log("Player's Audio Recorder is disabled"); } } }


  • Do you mute recorder by setting Unity 'enabled' properties to false?
    Use PhotonVoice 'Transmit' property instead.