Creating main room before players connect


I'd like to have basicaly one room, and i want to have it created before any player joins. How can i do this?

(Im using the PUN package)



  • Rent a server to run master clients on which always exist.

    Otherwise its not possible, rooms cease to exist if no clients are connected, there is no persistency
  • Like Dreamora says, rooms get cleaned up when the last player leaves.
    However, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to list the default room, if it's not currently in use. If the lobby list is empty, add the room you want listed. No problem.

    I'd like you to think about it once more though: Why go through a lobby and show a single room that's default? Just to make the user click and select the room?
    Alternatively: Try OpJoinRandom. If that fails, you create a room without providing a room-name (null). Use MaxPlayers to limit the number of players that get into a single room (to avoid clients being spammed to death when joining a 100 person room with a lot of updates).