Room failed after an open time


When creating a room, when another player tries to enter it if it takes about 30 seconds to enter the room, it can not enter, I am trying to solve this problem but I can not find explanation in my code for this, at no time I call PhotonNetwork.LeaveRoom ();

You can enter room that was created some time ago, it joins the room and leave the room quickly for no apparent reason, and can'not enter more.

Can it be something in my code?

creator of the room use:

PhotonNetwork.JoinOrCreateRoom (info, roomOptions, null);

to join use:

 PhotonNetwork.JoinRoom (roomName_v);


  • Hi @Cold,

    why does it take 30 seconds to enter the room? By default joining an existing room is a quite fast operation. Do you have any scene loading ongoing when joining the room? How many Custom Room or Player Properties are there when the client tries to join the room? If you have too many properties, joining the room takes long and the client might get disconnected.

    If the client gets disconnected from Photon entirely, you can add the void OnFailedToConnectToPhoton(DisconnectCause cause) callback and take a look at the DisconnectCause to see what happened. If it isn't called, you can check other callbacks as well, for example void OnPhotonJoinRoomFailed(object[] codeAndMsg) where codeAndMsg[0] is short ErrorCode and codeAndMsg[1] is string debug message.
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