Downloading Nintendo Switch SDK

I get the following error
Download Failed
File could not be found. — or — You are not allowed to download the requested file. Contact us if you think you should.


  • Hi @emrahsungu.

    We are not permitted to give access to console SDKs without prior verification that you are permitted by the platform owner (in this case Nintendo) to develop for that platform. For this reason the Photons Client SDKs for consoles like the Nintendo Switch, the PS4 or the XB One can only be downloaded by Photon user accounts that have been granted the according permissions by us.

    Please see for further information. Please note that it can take up to one or two business days or so after you have requested permissions through the Nintendo devnet until we get back to you.

    Furthermore we are also not permitted to share any information that is specific to console development on public channels where people who have not been verified as certified developers for that console could read that information. Hence if you should have any Switch specific questions that you would otherwise have asked in othis forum, please sent them to [email protected] instead.