Syncing state of static scene objects

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Hi, so I've read through the documentation and can't seem to find any information regarding syncing state of a non instantiated object. If you don't instantiate a bolt entity then it has no owner, and therefore can't sync state. The idea is that we have pieces of the level that will have health, that will need to be synced over the server. Does anyone have any idea how to do this?


  • There are "scene entities" but I dont recommend using them, especially for a new Bolt user, as they require you doing things a specific way or they don't work. I would either have one entity to manage all your static objects or have objects with scripts that instantiate entities that replace them on attach.
  • How would I go about having one entity to manage the rest?
  • For example you can have an array of bools and on state callback you can enable or disable static object that corresponds with the index of the bool
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    Hmm. So in our game, we have essentially built a level of small blocks/platforms, and each platform has a set amount of health, so that when a player clicks on that block, it loses health over time until it is destroyed. I feel like having an array of ints to keep track of each object would be tedious if we had one entity to manage the rest. We have approximately 400 blocks on the level, each needing to sync ONLY the health property. I also tried your other suggestion to instantiate entities that replace them, but this only froze my computer up. Is there not a way to be able to sync this one health property across the server for these static/level pieces?
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