Game randomly loads first scene right after joining a room

I'm being plagued with a problem where as soon as I join an existing room, the player that just joined will be sent back to the first scene with no console log. I'm unsure how to fix the problem, since the first scene is being loaded without using the LeaveRoom Method, even though that's the place I tell the game to go back to that scene.


  • Hi @ItsKhanny,

    you said that this happens whenever a client joins an existing room. So I would assume to check all of your OnJoinedRoom callbacks and see if you have some level loading there. Also check, if you have enabled or disabled the automaticallySyncScene option and check, if you have the correct behaviour. Also check, if the client is still connected to Photon when this happens. If the connection is interrupted somehow, you can implement the void OnConnectionFail(DisconnectCause cause) callback and check the DisconnectCause. It gets called when the connection is interrupted after it has been established once.
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